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Lift Capacity Calculation Method Knuckle-Boom Log Loaders and Certain Forestry Equipment

This SAE Standard provides a uniform method to calculate the lift capacity of knuckle-boom log loaders and certain forestry equipment. It establishes definitions and specifies machine conditions for calculations. This document applies to knuckle-boom log loaders as defined in ISO 6814 and ISO 17591 and certain forestry equipment defined in ISO 6814 that have a rotating upper-structure such as feller bunchers, forwarders, harvesters, and behind the cab or rear-mounted knuckle-boom log loaders not having their own power supply. It does not apply to harvesters that are incapable of lifting a tree or log completely off the ground. This document applies to those machines that are crawler, rubber-tired, and pedestal or stationary mounted.

Specification Definitions - Clam Bunk Skidder

This SAE Recommended Practice identifies and defines the specifications most commonly used to describe high-speed steel track and articulated rubber-tired clam bunk skidders. The illustrations used are not intended to be descriptive of any existing machine or dictate a combination needed for a particular logging situation. The dimensions indicated are basic and may be supplemented by the individual machine manufacturer.