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A-10 Aircraft Oxygen Equipment Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR1059D Oxygen Cylinder Quality, Serviceability, Maintenance Transfilling and Marking Nov 13, 2014 Revised
AIR1069B Crew Oxygen Requirements Up to a Maximum Altitude of 45,000 Ft. Jun 02, 2015 Stabilized
AIR1133B Chemical Oxygen Supplies Oct 30, 2014 Stabilized
AIR1169C Bibliography of References Pertaining to The Effects of Oxygen on Ignition and Combustion of Materials Oct 16, 2014 Stabilized
AIR1176B Oxygen System and Component Cleaning and Packaging Aug 13, 2002 Canceled
AIR1223B Installation of Liquid Oxygen Systems in Civil Aircraft Nov 06, 2012 Stabilized
AIR1358C Aerospace Information Report for Continuous Flow Oxygen Hose Disconnect Fittings Dec 31, 2014 Stabilized
AIR1389A Regulatory Requirements Covering the Use of Breathing Oxygen in Aircraft Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR1390A Convenient Location of Oxygen Masks for Both the Crew and Passengers of Aircraft Mar 05, 2015 Reaffirmed
AIR1392A Oxygen System Maintenance Guide Dec 13, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR171E Glossary of Technical and Physiological Terms Related to Aerospace Oxygen Systems Jan 07, 2014 Revised
AIR4071A Lubricants for Oxygen Use Aug 17, 2015 Reaffirmed
AIR505A Oxygen Equipment, Provisioning and Use in High Altitude (to 40,000 ft.) Commercial Transport Aircraft Oct 16, 2014 Stabilized
AIR5354 History of the SAE A-10 Aircraft Oxygen Equipment Committee Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AIR5648A Fuel Versus Oxygen: Evaluations and Considerations Apr 04, 2013 Revised
AIR5742 Packaging and Transportation of Oxygen Equipment Aug 25, 2010 Issued
AIR6036 Passenger Hypoxia Protection Utilizing Oxygen Enriched Gas Mixtures May 20, 2013 Issued
AIR6190 Provisions of Medical Oxygen for Aircraft Occupants Jun 06, 2012 Issued
AIR822C Oxygen Systems for General Aviation Jul 11, 2014 Stabilized
AIR825/1 Introduction to Oxygen Equipment for Aircraft Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AIR825/10A Protective Breathing Equipment for Flight Deck and Cabin Crew Members Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR825/11A Closed-Cycle Protective Breathing Devices Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR825/12A Oxygen System Integration and Performance Precautions Dec 13, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR825/13 Guide for Evaluating Combustion Hazards in Aircraft Oxygen Systems Dec 13, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR825/14 Basic Aircraft Oxygen Systems Design Jun 10, 2010 Issued
AIR825/2 Effects of Acute Altitude Exposure in Humans: Requirements for Physiological Protection Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR825/3 Gaseous Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment, Introductory Aug 17, 2015 Reaffirmed
AIR825/4A Chemical Oxygen Systems Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AIR825/5A Liquid Oxygen Systems Dec 13, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR825/6 On Board Oxygen Generating Systems (Molecular Sieve) Apr 12, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR825/8 Continuous Flow Oxygen Systems Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR825/9 Demand Oxygen Systems Oct 18, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR825D Oxygen Equipment for Aircraft Dec 03, 2012 Stabilized
AIR847A Oxygen Equipment for Commercial Transport Aircraft Which Fly Above 45,000 Ft Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
ARP1109B Dynamic Testing Systems for Oxygen Breathing Equipment Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
ARP1176A Oxygen System and Component Cleaning Jun 11, 2013 Revised
ARP1320B Determination of Chlorine in Oxygen from Solid Chemical Oxygen Generators Oct 15, 2012 Stabilized
ARP1398A Testing of Oxygen Equipment Dec 17, 2010 Reaffirmed
ARP1532B (R) Aircraft Oxygen System Lines, Fabrication, Test, and Installation Aug 28, 2015 Revised
ARP1894B Useful Life Determination for Chemical Oxygen Generators Feb 13, 2014 Stabilized
ARP4259A Metabolic Simulator Testing Systems for Aviation Breathing Equipment Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
ARP4287A Supplemental Oxygen Devices with Automatic or Manual Presentation Jul 24, 2012 Revised
ARP5021A Oxygen Cylinder Installation Guide Jun 01, 2011 Revised
AS1046C Minimum Standard for Portable Gaseous, Oxygen Equipment Apr 12, 2012 Reaffirmed
AS1065A Quality and Serviceability Requirements for Aircraft Cylinder Assemblies Charged With AviatorS Breathing Oxygen Jun 20, 2011 Stabilized
AS1066B Minimum Standards for Valve, High Pressure Oxygen, Cylinder Shut Off, Manually Operated Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AS1194 Regulator Oxygen Diluter Demand, Automatic Pressure Breathing Oct 01, 1997 Canceled
AS1197A Continuous Flow Oxygen Regulator Dec 13, 2013 Reaffirmed
AS1214B Minimum Standards for Valve, High Pressure Oxygen, Line Shut Off, Manually Operated Oct 25, 2013 Reaffirmed
AS1219A Aircraft Oxygen Replenishment Coupling for Civil Transport Aircraft (Design Standard) Dec 17, 2010 Reaffirmed
AS1224B Continuous Flow Aviation Oxygen Masks (For Non-Transport Category Aircraft) Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AS1225A Oxygen System Fill/Check Valve Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AS1248A Minimum Standard for Gaseous Oxygen Pressure Reducers Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AS1303A Portable Chemical Oxygen Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AS1304B Continuous Flow Chemical Oxygen Generators Jun 24, 2014 Stabilized
AS13591A Cleaning Methods and Procedures for Breathing Oxygen Equipment Jun 01, 2001 Canceled
AS17852A Reducers, Oxygen Pressure Jul 24, 2012 Revised
AS452B Oxygen Mask Assembly, Demand and Pressure Breathing, Crew Oct 16, 2014 Stabilized
AS463 Oxygen Regulators for Commercial Transport Aircraft Dec 16, 2002 Canceled
AS8010C Aviator's Breathing Oxygen Purity Standard Oct 18, 2012 Reaffirmed
AS8025A Passenger Oxygen Mask Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AS8026A Crewmember Demand Oxygen Mask for Transport Category Aircraft Oct 12, 2009 Reaffirmed
AS8027 Crew Member Oxygen Regulators, Demand Oct 25, 2013 Reaffirmed
AS8031A Personal Protective Devices for Toxic and Irritating Atmospheres Air Transport Flight Deck (Sedentary) Crewmembers Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AS8047 Performance Standard for Cabin Crew Portable Protective Breathing Equipment for Use During Aircraft Emergencies Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed
AS8048 Performance Standard for Passenger Smoke and Toxic Fumes Respiratory Protective Equipment Jul 16, 2013 Reaffirmed
AS8059 Carry-On Portable Oxygen Concentrators Jun 06, 2012 Issued
AS845 Minimum Design Standards for Smoke Protection Goggles for Air Transport Crew Dec 16, 2002 Canceled
AS861B Minimum General Standards for Oxygen Systems Apr 12, 2012 Reaffirmed
AS916B Oxygen Flow Indicators Jun 21, 2011 Reaffirmed