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A-10 Aircraft Oxygen Equipment Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1389B Regulatory Requirements Covering the Use of Breathing Oxygen in Aircraft Walter Deutscher Jul 27, 2007
AIR4071B Lubricants for Oxygen Use Jeffrey S. Utechtt Aug 26, 2014
AIR5933 Oxygen Sensor Technologies Wolfgang Rittner Oct 23, 2014
AIR825/13A Guide for Evaluating Combustion Hazards in Aircraft Oxygen Systems Norbert Augustin Jan 29, 2014
AIR825/1A Introduction to Oxygen Equipment for Aircraft Jim Stabile Jun 14, 2013
AIR825/2A Effects of Acute Altitude Exposure in Humans: Requirements for Physiological Protection Jim Stabile Oct 23, 2013
AIR825/5B Liquid Oxygen Systems Robert E. Sever Oct 21, 2014
AIR825/6A On Board Oxygen Generating Systems (Molecular Sieve) Wolfgang Rittner May 09, 2014
AIR825/7 On Board Oxygen Generating Systems - Other Technologies James C. Cannon Mar 07, 2013
ARP1109C Dynamic Testing Systems for Oxygen Breathing Equipment Robert P. Garner Aug 25, 2009
ARP1398B Testing of Oxygen Equipment Robert P. Garner Jul 12, 2013
ARP1532B Aircraft Oxygen System Lines, Fabrication, Test and Installation Adam C. Tate Oct 16, 2005
ARP4259B Metabolic Simulator Testing Systems for Aviation Breathing Equipment Robert P. Garner Jul 12, 2013
ARP5932 Oxygen Systems and Components Maintenance and Service Practices Hisham A. Farajallah May 08, 2014
ARP6244 Technical Approaches for Oxygen Equipment Certification James C. Cannon Mar 07, 2013
ARP6390 Crew and Passenger Oxygen Masks Convenient Locations Hisham A. Farajallah Aug 29, 2011
AS5722 Cockpit Crew Oxygen Equipment for use from 35,000 ft to 45,000 ft altitude Nicolas Bloch Mar 26, 2007
AS5727 Minimum Performance Standard for a Cabin Occupant Personal Oxygen Dispensing Unit for use from 40,000 to 45,000 Feet Robert P. Garner Feb 25, 2013
AS6339 Performance Requirements for Full Face Quick Donning Masks Walter Deutscher Feb 02, 2015
AS8031B Personal Protective Devices for Toxic and Irritating Atmospheres Air Transport Flight Deck (Sedentary) Crewmembers Robert P. Garner Apr 16, 2009