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A-20C Interior Lighting

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR512F Aircraft Cabin Illumination Jan 07, 2014 Revised
ARP1283B Cargo Compartment Lighting for Transport Category Aircraft and Rotorcraft Apr 14, 2014 Revised
ARP1798A Portable Emergency Lighting Systems for Flight Crew Members Mar 01, 2012 Revised
ARP378C Passenger Reading Lights Aug 16, 2011 Reaffirmed
ARP503F Emergency Evacuation Illumination Jul 12, 2004 Revised
ARP5297A Recommended Qualification Tests for Halogen Miniature Lamps Less Than 35 Watts for Aircraft Applications Oct 11, 2011 Revised
ARP5873A LED Passenger Reading Light Assembly Aug 28, 2015 Revised
ARP6253 LEDs and Aircraft Applications Apr 27, 2011 Issued
ARP711B Illuminated Signs Oct 18, 2011 Revised
ARP712B Galley Lighting May 04, 2011 Reaffirmed
AS18276B Lighting, Aircraft Interior, Installation of Jan 07, 2014 Revised
AS4914C Aircraft Fluorescent Lighting Ballast/Fixture Safety Design Standard Aug 12, 2011 Revised
AS7768 Light, Desk, Aircraft May 04, 2011 Reaffirmed
AS7768/1 Light, Desk, Aircraft May 04, 2011 Reaffirmed