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A-21 Aircraft Noise Measure Noise Aviation Emission Modeling

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR5715A Procedure for the Calculation of Aircraft Emissions Brian Kim May 21, 2010
AIR5766 Using Aircraft Position Data to Estimate Aircraft Thrust Vincent E. Mestre Feb 26, 2007
AIR6183 Procedures for the calculation of airplane fuel consumption David Senzig Mar 21, 2011
AIR6297 Method to Calculate Behind Start of Takeoff Roll Noise Level Adjustments Eric Boeker Mar 06, 2014
AIR6501 Modeling Line-of-Sight Blockage of Aircraft Noise Eric Boeker Mar 06, 2014
AIR902A Determination of Minimum Distance from Ground Observer to Aircraft for Acoustic Tests David Senzig May 08, 2012
ARP1307C Measurement of Exterior Noise Produced by Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and Associated Aircraft Systems During Ground Operation William Schuster Jul 19, 2013