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AIR5479A - Environmentally Compliant Processes for Landing Gear

Document Number: AIR5479A
Revision Number: A
Environmentally Compliant Processes for Landing Gear
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) describes the performance of platings and coatings for landing gear that potentially provide environmental compliance benefits versus the current baseline processes. The hazardous systems addressed in this version of the document include cadmium plating, chromated primers, and high VOC (volatile organic compounds) topcoats. Available data are presented for various standard tests in order to compare the replacement candidates. Conclusions are made as to the best performer(s) for each test section presented. These conclusions are not to be regarded as recommendations for or against any of the candidates. The AIR applies to landing gear structures and mechanisms for all types of civil and military aircraft. The potential replacements apply to both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware and overhaul of in-service landing gears.
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