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A-5 Aerospace Landing Gear Systems Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR5451A A Guide to Landing Gear System Integration Heather Beaton Dec 01, 2010
AIR5479B Environmentally Compliant Processes for Landing Gear Jay Randolph Apr 30, 2014
AIR5631A Catalog of Landing Gear Systems and Suppliers Gary Ataman Mar 25, 2014
AIR5699A A Guide for the Damaging Effects of Tire and Wheel Failures Richard Juergens Oct 18, 2012
AIR6246 Landing Gear Taxi System Gary Ataman Apr 03, 2013
AIR6280 Aircraft Shimmy Analysis Methods and Data Requirements Patrick McNally Oct 21, 2013
ARP1821B Aircraft Ground Flotation Analysis Methods Michael A. Long Oct 20, 2014