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A-5B Gears, Struts and Couplings Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1810D Design, Development and Test Criteria - Solid State Proximity Switches/Systems for Landing Gear Applications Gregory F. Cederlind Apr 17, 2014
AIR5024A Landing Gear Switch Selection Criteria Gregory F. Cederlind Aug 28, 2012
AIR5358A Landing Gear Shock Strut Hydraulic Fluid Richard Juergens Nov 13, 2014
AIR5565 Historical Design Information of Aircraft Landing Gear And Control Actuation Systems Gary S. Ataman May 14, 2008
AIR5883A Landing Gears Shock Struts Bearing Selection Nicolas Leroux Oct 09, 2014
AIR6452 Landing Gear Systems - Endurance Scatter Factor Heather Beaton Aug 16, 2010
ARP1538C Arresting Hook Installation, Land-Based Aircraft Eugene J. Stuczynski Mar 20, 2009
ARP4912C Design Recommendations for Spare Seals in Landing Gear Shock Struts Allan Burleigh Aug 30, 2013
ARP5569 Landing Gear Retraction / Extension Systems Gary S. Ataman May 14, 2008
ARP5908A Landing Gear Servicing Michael A. Long Sep 27, 2013
ARP6274 Military Drop Testing Requirements Doug Ball Feb 13, 2012
AS4052C Gland Design: Scraper, Landing Gear, Installation Allan Burleigh Feb 03, 2014