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A-5C Aircraft Tires Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR4830A Aircraft Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Apr 11, 2011 Revised
AIR5487B Aircraft Tire History Apr 07, 2011 Revised
AIR5651 History of Commercial Aircraft New Tire Qualification Testing Jan 12, 2015 Reaffirmed
AIR5797 Aircraft Tire Wear Profile Development and Execution for Laboratory Testing Oct 25, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR5800A Tire Prerotation at Landing Aug 10, 2015 Stabilized
ARP4834B Aircraft Tire Retreading Practice - Bias and Radial Apr 21, 2015 Revised
ARP4955A Recommended Practice for Measurement of Static and Dynamic Characteristic Properties of Aircraft Tires Jul 12, 2012 Reaffirmed
ARP5257B Tire Overspeed Landing Test Aug 10, 2015 Reaffirmed
ARP5265B Minimum Operational and Maintenance Responsibilities for Aircraft Tire Usage Jun 16, 2014 Revised
ARP5507 Aircraft Tire-to-Wheel Performance Characteristics Jul 12, 2012 Reaffirmed
ARP5542A Hand Held Aircraft Tire Inflation Pressure Gauges Oct 22, 2012 Revised
ARP5543 Aircraft Wheel Inflation Valves Incorporating an Inflation Pressure Gauge Jan 12, 2015 Reaffirmed
ARP6137 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for Aircraft Aug 10, 2015 Reaffirmed
ARP6152 Aircraft Tires Service Overload Capability Dec 16, 2013 Issued
ARP6225 Aircraft Tire Inspection - In-Service Removal Criteria Nov 06, 2014 Issued
ARP6265 Tire Burst Test Methodology Dec 01, 2014 Issued
ARP6404 Aircraft Tire Electrical Resistance Test Mar 28, 2011 Issued
AS4833A Aircraft New Tire Standard - Bias and Radial Nov 20, 2014 Revised
AS50141B Tube, Pneumatic Tire, Aircraft Apr 05, 2012 Revised