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A-6A3 Flight Control and Vehicle Management Systems Cmt

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR4094A Aircraft Flight Control Systems Descriptions Raymond J. Levek May 08, 2003
AIR5273A Actuation System Failure Detection Methods Uwe Perrin May 05, 2013
AIR6853 Aerospace – Descriptions of Military Thrust Vectoring Flight Control Systems Keith Wooddell Nov 25, 2014
ARP5769 Dielectric Strength and Insulation Resistance Testing of Flight and Utility Control Systems and Components Darryl Stachniak Sep 22, 2007
ARP5775 Skew and Disconnect Detection in High Lift Systems Uwe Perrin Oct 13, 2007
ARP6252 Aerospace – Rudder and Brake Pedal unit General Requirements for Fly by Wire Transport and Business Aircraft Pierre Bettini Mar 11, 2013
AS94900A Aerospace - Flight Control Systems - Design, Installation and Test of Piloted Military Aircraft, General Specification For David J. Flavell Nov 05, 2012