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A-6B1 Hydraulic Servo Actuation Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR1855A Actuation System Data Summary for Missiles and Launch Vehicles Apr 27, 2004 Reaffirmed
AIR4066B Aerospace Fluid Power - Materials and Characteristics of Flight Control Servoactuators of Various Aircraft Jul 06, 2007 Revised
ARP1281C Actuators: Aircraft Flight Controls, Power Operated, Hydraulic, General Specification For Sep 12, 2002 Revised
ARP4493A Aerospace - Direct Drive Servovalves Jan 21, 2013 Revised
ARP490F Electrohydraulic Servovalves Feb 08, 2008 Revised
ARP5796 Flight Critical Control Valves, Military Aircraft Jul 09, 2013 Issued
ARP5941 Aerospace Fluid Power - Contamination Sensitivity - Considerations for Establishing Test Procedures for Flight Control Actuators Oct 27, 2014 Reaffirmed
ARP739A Gas Power Servos and Reaction Control Systems Nov 20, 2014 Stabilized
ARP777A Gas Actuators (Linear and Vane Rotary Type) Nov 06, 2014 Stabilized
ARP988A Electrohydraulic Mechanical Feedback Servoactuators Oct 14, 2003 Revised