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A-6B1 Hydraulic Servo Actuation Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1855B Actuation System Data Summary for Missiles and Launch Vehicles Keith Wooddell Sep 11, 2013
AIR4066C Aerospace Fluid Power - Materials and Characteristics of Flight Control Servoactuators of Various Aircraft Mark Williams May 13, 2013
ARP1281D Actuators: Aircraft Flight Controls, Power Operated, Hydraulic, General Specification For Ian A. Halley Apr 23, 2008
ARP490G Electrohydraulic Servovalves Roman A. Simkin Oct 21, 2013
ARP5554 Guidelines for Specifying LVDTs and RVDTs Rikk E. Einarsson Feb 12, 2008
ARP988B Electrohydraulic Mechanical Feedback Servoactuators Daniel Zierten Oct 29, 2009