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A-6C5 Components Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
ARP4741A Aerospace-Hydraulic Switching Valve, Pressure or Pilot Operated Gerald Loftis Oct 22, 2014
ARP4763 Pressure Relief Valves Gerald Loftis Apr 22, 2010
ARP4835A Aerospace Fluid Power-Hydraulic Thermal Expansion Relief Valves Jeffrey C. Dickey Mar 19, 2013
ARP4946A Aerospace - Valves, Check, Hydraulic, Aircraft and Missile Jordan Wadsworth Oct 18, 2011
ARP994B Recommended Practice for the Design of Tubing Installations for Aerospace Fluid Power Systems David J. Heer Jul 15, 2014
AS5466/1 Aerospace – Part Identification Number System for Line Mount Hydraulic Fuse - Quantity Measuring Tracy Tschauner May 19, 2010
AS5467 Hydraulic Flow Rate Fuse Tracy Tschauner May 13, 2013
AS5586A Aerospace - General Requirements for Hydraulic System Reservoirs David Scranton Apr 30, 2013
AS8775A Hydraulic System Components, Aircraft and Missiles, General Specification For Keith M. Russell Mar 20, 2008