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AE-4 Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1209A Construction and Calibration of Parallel Plate Transmission Line for Electromagnetic Interference Susceptibility Testing David Brumbaugh Jan 22, 2013
AIR6236 Laboratory Accessory Equipment Calibration Standard for EMI Testing David Brumbaugh Jan 23, 2015
ARP1705C Coaxial Test Procedure to Measure the RF Shielding Characteristics of EMI Gasket Materials George Kunkel May 23, 2013
ARP6248 Stripline Test Method to characterize the shielding effectiveness of conductive EMI gasketsI up to 40 GHz Christian Brull Apr 24, 2013
ARP958E Electromagnetic Interference Measurement Antennas; Standard Calibration Method Werner Schaefer Apr 06, 2012