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AE-5A Aerospace Fuel, Inerting and Lubrication Sys Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR1082C Fluid-System-Component Specification Preparation Criteria Oct 04, 2013 Stabilized
AIR1184A Capacitive Fuel Gauging System Accuracies Dec 04, 2007 Reaffirmed
AIR1408A Aerospace Fuel System Specifications and Standards Dec 04, 2007 Reaffirmed
AIR1615B Thesaurus for Fuel System Components Feb 03, 2014 Revised
AIR1616A Self-Sealing Breakaway Valves for Crash-Resistant Aircraft Fuel Systems Jan 03, 2012 Stabilized
AIR1660B Fuel Level Control Valves/Systems Dec 04, 2007 Reaffirmed
AIR1662A Minimization of Electrostatic Hazards in Aircraft Fuel Systems Aug 09, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR1664A Aircraft Flexible Tanks, General Design and Installation Recommendations Aug 09, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR4783 Glossary of Terms - Aircraft Ground Refueling Dec 04, 2007 Reaffirmed
AIR5128A Electrical Bonding of Aircraft Fuel Systems Dec 18, 2012 Revised
AIR5455A Impact of Changes in Test Dust Contaminants and Particle Counter Califbration on Laboratory Filter Element Performance and Fluid Cleanliness Classes Jan 03, 2012 Stabilized
AIR5691 Guidance for the Design and Installation of Fuel Quantity Indicating Systems Jan 04, 2013 Issued
AIR5774 Composite Fuel Tanks, Fuel System Design Considerations Dec 11, 2012 Issued
AIR74 Considerations on Limiting Pressure Surge During Ground Pressure Refueling of Aircraft Dec 16, 2002 Canceled
AIR790C Considerations on Ice Formation in Aircraft Fuel Systems Aug 24, 2006 Revised
AIR839C Recommended Materials and Practices for Use with Cryogenic Propellants Aug 01, 2000 Canceled
ARP1401B Aircraft Fuel System and Component Icing Test Jun 06, 2012 Revised
ARP1405 Uniform Measurement Units for Leakage Rates Jan 01, 1992 Canceled
ARP1482B Recommendations for Fuel and Oil System Schematics Aug 09, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP1616A Self-Sealing Breakaway Valves for Crash-Resistant Aircraft Fuel and Oil Systems Dec 04, 2007 Reaffirmed
ARP1665A Definition of Pressure Surge Test and Measurement Methods for Receiver Aircraft Dec 04, 2007 Reaffirmed
ARP1953B Acceptance Test Procedures and Standards to Ensure Clean Fuel System Components Nov 25, 2014 Revised
ARP816 Pressure Fueling Simulator for Evaluating Aircraft Fuel Systems Under Design Pressure Fueling Conditions Dec 16, 2002 Canceled
ARP8615 Fuel System Components: General Specification For Aug 11, 2011 Issued
ARP868C Method-Pressure Drop Tests for Fuel System Components Aug 09, 2013 Reaffirmed
AS1852D Nozzles and Ports - Gravity Fueling Interface Standard for Civil Aircraft Jan 03, 2012 Stabilized
AS1875A Boss, Low Pressure (500 psi) Standard Dimensions For Sep 10, 2013 Stabilized
AS18802 Fuel and Oil Lines, Aircraft, Installation of Aug 09, 2013 Reaffirmed
MAP4053 Uniform Measurement Units for Leakage Rates Dec 04, 2007 Reaffirmed