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AE-5A Aerospace Fuel, Inerting and Lubrication Sys Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1184B Capacitive Fuel Gauging System Accuracies Mary Ann Frost Oct 18, 2013
AIR1408B Aerospace Fuel System Specifications and Standards Stuart Maxwell Aug 01, 2013
AIR1660C Fuel Level Control Valves/Systems Jean-Francois Maurice Vachez Aug 07, 2013
AIR6148 Jet Fuels From Alternative Feed Stocks David Waddleton Aug 09, 2010
AIR6325 FUEL LEVEL POINT SENSING Jean-Francois Maurice Vachez Apr 21, 2015
AIR6510 Fuel System Definitions and Glossary of Terms Clarissa Garcia Lima Fedel May 20, 2015
AIR790D Considerations on Ice Formation in Aircraft Fuel Systems Michel Loignon Aug 15, 2008
ARP1665B Definition of Pressure Surge Test and Measurement Methods for Receiver Aircraft David Minteer Aug 07, 2013
ARP5776 Aircraft Flame Arrestor Installation Guidelines and Test Methods Jean-Francois Maurice Vachez Oct 24, 2007
ARP6340 Engine Fuel System and Component Icing Test Mark Reid Jun 25, 2015
AS5751 AIRCRAFT REFUELING SYSTEM PRESSURES Vincenzo Furgiuele Feb 05, 2008