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ARP497A - Precision Control Motors - 400 Cycles

Document Number: ARP497A
Revision Number: A
Precision Control Motors - 400 Cycles
In order to ease the equipment design engineer's problem and at the same time provide a basis for more accurate comparable measurements between manufacturer and user, this recommended practice sets up "standard conditions" for design assurance testing and tabulated values which differ from previous publications by requiring the motor to be in a warmed-up condition which approximates its average use temperature. These conditions and the basic tests to which the tabulated characteristics refer are grouped in section 2.2 (Design Assurance) and compose a complete list of defining characteristics of the motor. This recommendation establishes objectives for high performance control motors to be used with aeronautical and associated equipment in protective enclosures or completely within the shell of the aircraft so that they are subjected only to the internal climate conditions of heat, cold, shock, vibration, altitude, and humidity. Control motors larger than size #23 are not covered in this document
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