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AIR5468B - Ultraviolet (UV) Lasers for Aerospace Wire Marking

Document Number: AIR5468B
Revision Number: B
Ultraviolet (UV) Lasers for Aerospace Wire Marking
Ultraviolet (UV) laser marking for aerospace wire and cable is now a well established and accepted process. The purpose of this report is to provide general information on the technical basis of marking systems that apply UV laser energy to the wire surface. This includes materials for UV laser marking; the key characteristics of UV lasers suitable for this application, in terms of the mark process requirements and operational requirements; the various types of UV lasers which meet the general requirements for wire marking; and the generic components of UV laser marking systems. Subjects beyond the scope of this report include other wire marking systems not utilizing UV lasers; legibility; and contrast measurement. The contents of this document are for information only. It is not intended that it should be used as the basis for marking process specifications or standards, which are covered by AS5469 Wire and Cable Marking Process, UV Laser.
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