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ARP1395B - Minimum Requirements for Future Wide-Body Aircraft Cargo Systems and Compartments (Intermodal)

Document Number: ARP1395B
Revision Number: B
Minimum Requirements for Future Wide-Body Aircraft Cargo Systems and Compartments (Intermodal)
The dedicated aircraft addressed herein is to be an uncompromised all-freighter aircraft developed primarily for use in the civil transport industry. The requirements of thsi document are applicable but not limited to airborne equipment which is subject to the airworthiness directives of FAR part 25 and which is designed to accmmodate unitized cargo in the form of intermodal containers and other compatible unitized load devices. Intermodability in the context of this document encompasses the air-truck-rail-sea modes, and considers uncertificated as well as certificated unit load devices (ULDs). This document covers the fundamental prerequisites for the aircraft cargo compartment and the onboard cargo handling and restraining system. The cargo system and compartment considers primarily 96 in (2.44 m) wide, multiple bottom configuration ULDs. The cargo system and compartment should handle outsize cargo and should consider Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) requirement compatibility. The cargo system, compartment, and the cargo-related aircraft physical features should be sufficiently defined to establish specifications for ground interface mobile and/or fixed loading equipment and facilities with a goal of standardization thereof. This document is intended to assist air carriers in standardizing to the degree necessary to insure the smooth flow of cargo between ground and aircraft and between various aircraft in the future. Thhis document is not intended to inhibit the development of new systems, but rather to establish a solid interface for the introduction of such systems.
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