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AGE-2A Cargo Handling Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1869D Wide-Body and Standard-Body Aircraft Lower Deck Cargo Compartment ULD Capacities Darrin Michael Noe Dec 05, 2014
AIR4359A Effects of Hanging Loads (E.G., Goh) on Uld Performance Ulf Hartmann Dec 01, 2006
AIR6287 Environmental Degradation of Composite Materials in ULD's Nicholas Martin Oct 31, 2013
ARP1621C ULD for Aircraft Transportation of Horses Hans Van Rooijen Aug 23, 2013
ARP5486A Air Cargo Pallets - Utilization Guidelines Chris L. Stratford Sep 14, 2010
AS1491B Interline Air Cargo Pallets Michael Blangy Feb 22, 2012
AS1492C Interline Air Cargo Pallet Nets Michael Blangy Feb 22, 2012
AS1988B Air Cargo Pallet Extenders Jean-Jacques Machon Mar 03, 2015
AS36100B Air Cargo Unit Load Devices - Performance Requirements and Test Parameters Jean-Jacques Machon Jun 22, 2015
AS6163 Active Temperature Controlled Shipping Container – Performance Requirements and Test Parameter. Jonathan Neeld Nov 02, 2010
AS6278 Fire Resistant Container - Design, Performance and Testing Requirements Keith M. Stehman Sep 26, 2013