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AMS G8 Aerospace Organic Coatings Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AMS1659A Coating, Soil Barrier Semi-Permanent Frank Torok Jan 23, 2008
AMS3116B Primer Coating; Epoxy, Chemical and Solvent Resistant Non-Chromated, Corrosion Preventive FRANK EAD Sep 02, 2009
AMS3143B Powder Coating Materials, Epoxy Richard L. Pomykala Mar 04, 2009
AMS3146A Coating, Interior Aircraft Cabin Low Heat and Smoke Release Jerry Brown Apr 17, 2007
AMS3167C Solvents, Wipe for Cleaning Prior to Application of Primer and Top Coat Materials, Or Sealing Compounds Jerry Brown Nov 07, 2011
AMS3603B Protective Film, High Performance, Polymeric Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, for Aircraft Exterior Applications Dion Coleman Nov 09, 2007
AMSC27725D Coating, Corrosion Preventive, Polyurethane For Aircraft Integral Fuel Tanks for Use to 250 °F (121 °C) Kevin Detring Apr 02, 2013
AMSC83231B Coatings, Polyurethane, Rain Erosion Resistant for Exterior Aircraft and Missile Plastic Parts Ollie Scott Jul 28, 2015
AMSSTD595 Colors Used in Government Procurement Jerry Brown Mar 02, 2015
AS5505A Requirements for Accreditation of Testing Laboratories for Organic Coatings Jerry Brown Feb 03, 2008
G811AA Corrosion Inhibiting Compound for Aircraft Structural Applications Michael Lissandrello Feb 28, 2011
G814AA Aerospace Coatings Applicator Certification Jason L. O'Neal Jul 10, 2014