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AMSI83387A - Inspection Process, Magnetic Rubber

Document Number: AMSI83387A
Revision Number: A
Inspection Process, Magnetic Rubber
This specification covers both the material and the examination process of an inspection material in the form of a dispersion of magnetic particles in a controlled viscosity rubber base that cures at room temperature by addition of one or more curing agents. The test object is magnetized with the uncured rubber covering the area of interest. The magnetic particles then migrate to the leakage field caused by the discontinuity. As the rubber cures, discontinuity indications remain in place on the rubber. The product may be supplied in a variety of viscosities and colors. Magnetic Rubber Inspection is a nondestructive inspection technique used for detecting cracks or flaws on or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials. Its principal applications are in certain problem areas, such as: Areas having limited visual or mechanical accessibility; Coated surfaces; Complex shapes or poor surface conditions; and, Inspection for defects that require magnification for detection and interpretation.
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