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AS6165 - Interface Standard, Airborne EO/IR Systems, Maintenance and Test

Document Number: AS6165
Revision Number:
Interface Standard, Airborne EO/IR Systems, Maintenance and Test
This standard defines the use of data interfaces between a host platform and an electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) system for maintenance and test (M&T) purposes. In particular, this standard defines the use of the data interfaces in order to facilitate the: a. confirmation of system performance and function; b. external initiation of built-in-test (BIT) functions; c. performance of other diagnostic tests of system health; d. downloading M&T data; e. uploading software changes. This standard does not cover mechanical or electrical interfaces, nor does it define the basic platform-to-sensor communication protocols and formats. Furthermore, this standard does not address software changes that are made by the manufacturer and not accessible at the sensor interfaces. Data protocols and formats are covered by AS6135. Electrical interfaces are covered by AS6129. This standard covers the use of the interfaces defined by AS6129 and AS6135 for the purposes described herein.
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