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AS6802 - Time-Triggered Ethernet

Document Number: AS6802
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Time-Triggered Ethernet
Time-Triggered Ethernet functionality described in the SAE AS6802 standard is a Layer 2 Quality-of-Service (QoS) enhancement for Ethernet networks. It provides the capability for deterministic, synchronous, and congestion-free communication, unaffected by any asynchronous Ethernet traffic load. This occurs via a fault-tolerant, self-stabilizing synchronization strategy, which helps to establish temporal partitioning and ensures isolation of the synchronous time-critical dataflows from other asynchronous Ethernet dataflows. By implementing this standard in network devices (network switches and network interface cards), Ethernet becomes a deterministic network which can be shared by low-latency, low-jitter, and non-time-critical applications. This means that distributed applications with mixed time-criticality requirements (e.g., real-time command and control, audio, video, voice, data) can be integrated and coexist on one Ethernet network.
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