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AS-4JAUS Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR5645A JAUS Transport Considerations Sep 05, 2014 Stabilized
AIR5664A JAUS History and Domain Model Aug 16, 2012 Stabilized
AIR5665B Architecture Framework for Unmanned Systems Feb 05, 2013 Revised
ARP6012A JAUS Compliance and Interoperability Policy Sep 05, 2014 Stabilized
ARP6227 JAUS Messaging over the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) Feb 24, 2013 Issued
AS5669A JAUS/SDP Transport Specification Aug 05, 2014 Reaffirmed
AS5684B JAUS Service Interface Definition Language Aug 21, 2015 Revised
AS5710A JAUS Core Service Set Apr 24, 2015 Reaffirmed
AS6009 JAUS Mobility Service Set Apr 15, 2009 Issued
AS6040 JAUS HMI Service Set Apr 24, 2015 Reaffirmed
AS6057A JAUS Manipulator Service Set Jun 03, 2014 Revised
AS6060 JAUS Environment Sensing Service Set Apr 24, 2015 Reaffirmed
AS6062 JAUS Mission Spooling Service Set Apr 24, 2015 Reaffirmed
AS6091 JAUS Unmanned Ground Vehicle Service Set Jul 29, 2014 Issued