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E-30 Propulsion Ignition Systems Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR1090 Ignition Exciter Output Voltage Pulse Measurement Using a Pressurized Ball Gap Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AIR1091 High Voltage Pulse Generator Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AIR1092 High Tension Exciter Output Voltage Measurement Using Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope Jun 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AIR1921 Spark Igniter Semiconductor Resistance Measurement Using Controlled Energy Levels Jun 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AIR4090 Igniter Ceramic Arc Resistance Tests Aug 01, 1990 Issued
AIR77 Spark Energy Measurements Using Oscilloscopic Methods Dec 01, 1998 Noncurrent
AIR784C Interrelation of Engine Design and Burner Configuration With Selection and Performance of Electrical Ignition Systems for Gas Turbine Engines Jun 01, 1995 Revised
AIR801 Oscillographic Method for Measuring Spark Energy of Capacitor Discharge Ignition Systems May 01, 1989 Noncurrent
AIR84A Ignition Peak Voltage Measurements Jun 01, 1994 Noncurrent
AIR885 The Spark Calorimeter Mar 01, 1965 Noncurrent
AIR913 Rocket Ignition and Related Nomenclature Jun 01, 1966 Issued
AIR951A Spark Energy Measurement, Alternative Methods Aug 01, 1998 Revised
AIR978A Diagrams and Characteristics of Typical Piston Engines Magneto Ignition Systems Nov 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
ARP1278 Oscilloscopic Method of Measuring Spark Energy Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
ARP159A Dielectric Testing of Spark Plugs Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
ARP294 Terminal, Lead, Low Voltage Igniter Plug Jun 15, 1954 Noncurrent
ARP295 Terminal Wall, Low Voltage Igniter Plug Jun 01, 1954 Noncurrent
ARP296 Terminal, High Altitude, Socket Contact Jul 23, 2002 Canceled
ARP368C Spark Plug Thread Form Data (60- Thread Angle) Nov 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
ARP457A Ferrule - High Altitude Spark Plug Lead Dec 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
ARP484A Spark Igniter Gap Types Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
ARP489A Leads, Shielded High Tension Detachable Spark Plug Dec 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
ARP504C Ignition System Testing - Metering and Power Supplies Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
ARP572 Elbow Assembly - Shielded Spark Plug - .750-20 Thread Dec 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
ARP590B Spark Plug, Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Nov 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
ARP670B Terminals, Aircraft Ignition Nov 01, 1995 Revised
ARP716C Gap Settings for Aircraft Piston Engine Spark Plugs Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
ARP841A Leads, Flexible, Shielded, High Energy Ignition Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
ARP846 Low Tension Spark Igniter Sparking Voltage Test Nov 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
ARP890A Spark Plug Rating Calibration Aug 01, 1998 Revised
AS12 Magnetos, Aircraft, Mountings For Apr 01, 1997 Canceled
AS14 Magnetos, Aircraft, Installation Of Nov 01, 1941 Canceled
AS28B Spark Plugs, Aircraft Engine Nov 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
AS29 Ignition Shielding, Aircraft Nov 01, 1996 Noncurrent
AS293 Spark Plug - Spring Contact for High Voltage Jun 01, 1954 Noncurrent
AS299 Spark Plugs, Aircraft Engine - 18mm Short Reach Shielded Jan 01, 1988 Canceled
AS422A Spark Igniter Outline Right Angle Flange Mounting Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS423A Spark Igniter Outline Flange Mounting Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS424A Spark Igniter Outline Threaded Mounting Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS453A Spark Igniter Gasket Flange Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS475A Gasket, Spark Igniter Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS654 Cable, Special Purpose, Electrical: Wire, Electrical (Ignition, High-Tension) Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS678C Gasket - 18mm Folded Steel Aircraft Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS692A Igniter, Spark, Aeronautical Engine (High Tension) Nov 01, 1992 Reaffirmed
AS778A Spark Plug Terminals and Sleeves Jun 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS803 Igniter, Spark, Aeronautical Engine (Low Tension) May 01, 1991 Reaffirmed
AS814A Spark Igniter Outline - .750-20 Threaded Mounting Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS815 Spark Igniter Outline - .500-20 Threaded Mounting Dec 16, 2002 Canceled
AS840 Manual for the SAE 17.6 Cubic Inch Spark Plug Rating Engine, Including Maintenance and Overhaul Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed
AS889 Calibration Spark Plugs Jul 01, 1994 Reaffirmed