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E-32 Aerospace Propulsion Systems Health Management

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR1828B Guide to Engine Lubrication System Monitoring May 01, 2014 Reaffirmed
AIR1839C A Guide to Aircraft Turbine Engine Vibration Monitoring Systems May 01, 2014 Reaffirmed
AIR1871C Lessons Learned From Developing, Implementing, and Operating a Health Management System for Propulsion and Drive Train Systems Jan 03, 2011 Revised
AIR1872B Guide to Life Usage Monitoring and Parts Management for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines Sep 29, 2011 Canceled
AIR1873 Guide to Limited Engine Monitoring Systems for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines Mar 28, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR1900A Guide to Temperature Monitoriing in Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines May 01, 2014 Reaffirmed
AIR4061B Guidelines for Integrating Typical Engine Health Management Functions Within Aircraft Systems Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR4174 A Guide to Aircraft Power Train Monitoring Jun 04, 2008 Reaffirmed
AIR4175A A Guide to the Development of a Ground Station for Engine Condition Monitoring Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR4176A Cost Versus Benefits of Engine Monitoring Systems Mar 29, 2015 Canceled
AIR46B The Preparation and Use of Chromel-Alumel Thermocouples for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines May 01, 2014 Reaffirmed
AIR4985 A Methodology for Quantifying the Performance of an Engine Monitoring System Oct 08, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR4986A Engine Electrostatic Gas Path Monitoring Oct 28, 2009 Canceled
AIR5120 Engine Monitoring System Reliability and Validity May 01, 2014 Reaffirmed
AIR5317 A Guide to APU Health Management Oct 17, 2011 Reaffirmed
AIR5871 Prognostics for Gas Turbine Engines Sep 30, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR65 Thermoelectric Circuits and the Performance of Several Aircraft Engine Thermocouples Apr 02, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP1587B Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Health Management System Guide Sep 26, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP4176 Determination of Costs and Benefits from Implementing an Engine Health Management System Feb 05, 2013 Issued
ARP464 Mount - Thermocouple Mar 28, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP465B Flange - Thermocouple Mar 28, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP485A Temperature Measuring Devices Nomenclature Mar 28, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP5783 Health and Usage Monitoring Metrics, Monitoring the Monitor Oct 24, 2012 Reaffirmed
ARP690 Standard Exposed Junction Thermocouple for Controlled Conduction Errors in Measurement of Air or Exhaust Gas Temperature Mar 28, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP691 Recommended Ice Bath for Reference Junctions Mar 28, 2013 Reaffirmed
AS8054A Airborne Engine Vibration Monitoring (EVM) System, Guidelines for Performance Standard For May 31, 2012 Canceled