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E-32 Aerospace Propulsion Systems Health Management

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1828C Guide to Engine Lubrication System Monitoring Steve William Rodger Mar 24, 2011
AIR1900B Guide to Temperature Monitoring in Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines Barry Robinson Oct 06, 2010
AIR4174A A Guide to Aircraft Power Train Monitoring Tim Rickmeyer Apr 14, 2014
AIR46C The Preparation and Use of Chromel-Alumel Thermocouples for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines Barry Robinson Nov 05, 2011
AIR5909 Prognostic Metrics for Engine Health Management Systems Donald Simon Apr 04, 2008
AIR6406 The Use of Blade Sensors for Turbine Engine Health Monitoring Thomas Arthur Holst Aug 08, 2012
ARP1839 Recommended Practices for Aircraft Turbine Engine Vibration Monitoring Systems Richard W. Greaves Dec 11, 2011
ARP5120 Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Health Management System Development and Integration Guide Tim Rickmeyer Feb 21, 2014
ARP5987 Establishing Software Assurance Levels for Engine Health Management Systems Utilized for Maintenance Credit Duncan Chase Apr 22, 2008