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E-34 Propulsion Lubricants Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR4978B Temporary Methods for Assessing the Load Carrying Capacity of Aircraft Propulsion System Lubricating Oils May 08, 2002 Revised
AIR5433B Lubricating Characteristics and Typical Properties of Lubricants Used in Aviation Propulsion and Drive Systems Jan 03, 2014 Revised
AIR5784 A Review of Literature on the Relationship Between Gas Turbine Engine Lubricants and Aircraft Cabin Air Quality Mar 17, 2008 Reaffirmed
AIR6056 Gas Turbine Engine Lubricant Specifications: Current Technical Review and Future Direction Aug 20, 2014 Issued
AMS3085 Fluid, Reference for Testing AS5780 HPC Class (Polyol) Resistant Material Oct 29, 2007 Issued
ARP4249A Bearing Corrosion Test Method Aug 28, 2015 Stabilized
ARP5088B Test Method for the Determination of Total Acidity in Polyol Ester and Diester Gas Turbine Lubricants by Automatic Potentiometric Titration Jul 08, 2014 Revised
ARP5921 Evaluation of Coking Propensity of Aviation Lubricants in an Air-Oil Mist Environment using the Vapor Phase Coker Apr 03, 2014 Issued
ARP5991 Test Method for the Determination of Water Concentration in Polyol Ester and Diester Aerospace Lubricants by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration Jun 04, 2008 Reaffirmed
ARP5996B Evaluation of Coking Propensity of Aviation Lubricants Using the Single Phase Flow Technique Jan 02, 2014 Revised
ARP6166 Minisimulator Method Jul 25, 2011 Issued
ARP6179 Evaluation of Gas Turbine Engine Lubricant Compatibility with Elastomer O-Rings Sep 01, 2011 Issued
ARP6223 Oil Carbon Particulate Test Aug 10, 2015 Issued
ARP6255 Aviation Lubricant Tribology Evaluator (ALTE) Method to Determine the Lubricating Quality of Gas Turbine Lubricants Mar 15, 2013 Issued
AS5780B Specification for Aero and Aero-Derived Gas Turbine Engine Lubricants Feb 24, 2013 Revised