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E-34 Propulsion Lubricants Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR4978C Temporary Methods for Assessing the Load Carrying Capacity of Aircraft Propulsion System Lubricating Oils Lavern D. Wedeven Mar 12, 2013
AMS3085A Fluid, Reference for Testing AS5780 HPC Class (Polyol) Resistant Material Ronald Yungk Oct 30, 2013
ARP5996C Evaluation of Coking Propensity of Aviation Lubricants Using the Single Phase Flow Technique Steve Lee Jan 22, 2015
ARP60495 PCS-MPR micropitting test method Rich Baker Jul 14, 2014
ARP6156 WAM High Speed Load Capacity Test Method Lavern D. Wedeven Sep 07, 2010
ARP6157 Pressure-Viscosity Coefficient Measurement Lavern D. Wedeven Sep 17, 2010
ARP6243 Traction Coefficient Measurement Lavern D. Wedeven Feb 12, 2013
ARP6299 Jet Oil Thermal Aging Test Procedure Douglas E. Johnson Mar 12, 2014
AS5780C Specification for Aero and Aero-Derived Gas Turbine Engine Lubricants Steve Lee Jan 09, 2015