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E-36 Electronic Engine Controls Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR4250B Electronic Engine Control Specifications and Standards Jan 18, 2012 Revised
AIR4366A Issues and Concerns Associated With Electronic Propulsion Control System Partitioning Aug 23, 2007 Canceled
AIR5060A Electronic Engine Control Design Guide for Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Aug 11, 2011 Revised
AIR5924A Guidelines for the Integration of Electronic Engine Control Systems for Transport Category (Part 25) and General Aviation (Part 23) Aircraft Jan 16, 2013 Revised
AIR6181 Electronic Propulsion Control System/Aircraft Interface Control Documents Aug 09, 2011 Issued
ARP4714A External Software Loading of Electronic Engine Controls Sep 25, 2012 Stabilized
ARP4874A Electronic Propulsion Control/Aircraft Interface Control Documents Aug 29, 2013 Canceled
ARP5107B Guidelines for Time-Limited-Dispatch (TLD) Analysis for Electronic Engine Control Systems Nov 15, 2006 Revised
ARP5757 Guidelines for Engine Component Tests Mar 17, 2008 Issued
ARP5890A Guidelines for Preparing Reliability Assessment Plans for Electronic Engine Controls Feb 03, 2011 Revised
ARP6109 Electronic Engine Control Hardware Change Management Feb 21, 2014 Issued