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AIR4250B - Electronic Engine Control Specifications and Standards

Document Number: AIR4250B
Revision Number: B
Electronic Engine Control Specifications and Standards
This report lists documents that aid and govern the design, development, and utilization of aerospace electronic engine control systems. The report lists the military and industry specifications and standards that are commonly used in electronic engine control system design. However, this list is not necessarily complete. The specifications and standards section has been divided into two parts; a master list arranged numerically and a categorized list that provides a functional breakdown and cross reference of these documents. For specifications and standards, the issue available during the latest revision to this document is listed. Details of current revisions for many documents are available in the Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards (DODISS). Additionally the list contains, when available, the date of the latest revision of the document reviewed, together with comments from the SAE E-36 committee members who reviewed the document, the intention being to aid the reader to determine the likely relevance or usefulness of the document subject matter.
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