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AIR4003 - Report on Aircraft Engine Containment

Document Number: AIR4003
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Report on Aircraft Engine Containment
To gather and analyze service data on aircraft propulsion turbine engine rotating part non-containment failures on record, assess the resulting aircraft damage, and determine the rate of past occurrences based on these data. In addition, to classify incidents by cause and consequence, to identify areas of greatest concern, and to recommend areas for greatest potential improvement. While the previous SAE Committee report, AIR 1537, focused solely on fixed wing commercial engine experience, the current Committee decided that the scope should be expanded to collect the data relating to helicopter and general aviation operations. The inclusion of helicopter experience was prompted by the FAA request to anticipate the projected substantial increase in commercial use of helicopters within the next decade. For completeness, general aviation experience, including commuter airlines, was considered significant enough to include in the current committee's activities. At the direction of the Aerospace Council, all three classes of engines have been treated in a single report. It is expected that the data, conclusions and recommendations of this report will be accepted as a standard reference by anyone dealing with turbine engine rotor non-containment
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