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ARP5365 - Human Inferface Criteria for Cockpit Display of Traffic Information

Document Number: ARP5365
Revision Number:
Human Inferface Criteria for Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) sets forth design and operational recommendations concerning the human factors issues and criteia for cockpit display of traffic information systems. The visual and aural characteristics are covered for both the alerting components and traffic depiction/situation components. The display system may contain any one or a combination of these components. Although the system functionality assumed for this document exemplifies fixed- wing aircraft implementation, the recommendations do not preclude other aircraft types. The recommendations contained in this document address both near and far term technology directed toward providing in flight traffic awareness, although the present version remains primarily focused on near term applications. Since this document provides recommendations, the guidance is provided in the form of "should" statements as opposed to the "shall" statements that appear in standards and requirements.
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