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ARP9162 - Aerospace Operator Self-Verification Programs

Document Number: ARP9162
Revision Number:
Aerospace Operator Self-Verification Programs
The focus of Operator Self-Verification is on traditional manufacturing operations, and applications can be made wherever traditional inspection is employed. The practices recommended in this document are intended to identify the basic elements and provide a "guideline " for structuring Operator Self-Verification programs within the aerospace industry; applicable to producers of commercial and military aircraft and weapons platforms, space vehicles, and all related hardware, software, electronics, engines and composite components. Operator Self-Verification programs are applied to improve the overall efficiency and product quality of processes considered mature, as judged by the implementing organization. Operator Self-Verification programs are not stand-alone processes, but augment existing quality management systems. The identified program elements are for voluntary implementation by the organization, and are not intended for contractual flow-down unless otherwise stipulated through contractual agreement.
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