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AS9132A - Data Matrix Quality Requirements for Parts Marking

Document Number: AS9132A
Revision Number: A
Data Matrix Quality Requirements for Parts Marking
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) defines uniform Quality and Technical requirements relative to metallic parts marking performed in using "Data Matrix symbology" used within the aerospace industry. The ISO/IEC 16022 specifies general requirements (data character encodation, error correction rules, decoding algorithm, etc.). In addition to ISO/IEC 16022 specification, part identification with such symbology is subject to the following requirements to ensure electronic reading of the symbol. The marking processes covered by this standard are as follows: - Dot Peening - Laser - Electro-Chemical Etching Further marking processes will be included if required. This standard does not specify information to be encoded. Unless specified otherwise in the contractual business relationship, the company responsible for the design of the part shall determine the location of the Data Matrix Marking. Symbol position should allow optimum illumination from all sides for readability.
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