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AS5678 - Passive RFID Tags Intended for Aircraft Use

Document Number: AS5678
Revision Number:
Passive RFID Tags Intended for Aircraft Use

The scope of this document is to:

1. Provide a requirements document for RFID Tag Manufacturers to produce passive-only UHF RFID tags for the Aerospace industry.

2. Identify the minimum performance requirements specfic to the Passive UHF RFID Tag to be used on aircraft parts, to be accessed only during ground operations.

3. Specify the test requirements specific to Passive UHF RFID tags for airborne use, in addition to RTCA DO-160E compliance requirements separately called out in this document.

4. Identify existing standards applicable to Passive UHF RFID Tag.

5. Provide a certification standard for RFID tags which will use permanently-affixed installation on aircraft and aircraft parts.

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