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HM-1 Integrated Vehicle Health Management Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR6212 The potential usage of health monitoring techniques and technologies on aircraft operations during or after active volcanic events. Chris John Pomfret Apr 09, 2013
AIR6334 A Power Usage Metric For Rotorcraft Power Train Transmissions David Green Sep 30, 2014
ARD6888 Functional specification of miniature connectors for health monitoring purposes Julien Feau Feb 09, 2015
ARP6268 Design & Online Communication Standards for Health Ready Components Steven W. Holland Jul 23, 2013
ARP6290 Guidelines for the Development of Architectures for Integrated Vehicle Health Management Systems Brian Tucker Dec 19, 2013
ARP6407 Integrated Vehicle Health Management Design Guidelines Timothy Wilmering Sep 25, 2012
ARP6803 HM-1 Cornerstone Document Rhonda D. Walthall Mar 08, 2012
ARP6883 Guidelines for writing IVHM requirements for aerospace systems Frank Kramer Jan 17, 2012
ARP6887 Verification & Validation of Integrated Vehicle Health Management Systems and Software Amitabh Mukherjee Nov 05, 2014
AS5391A Health and Usage Monitoring System Accelerometer Interface Specification Robab Safa-Bakhsh Sep 01, 2010