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S-12 Helicopter Powerplant Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR1076 Aircraft Fire Protection, for Reciprocating and Gas Turbine Engine Installations May 01, 1989 Reaffirmed
AIR1191A Performance of Low Pressure Ratio Ejectors for Engine Nacelle Cooling Mar 01, 1999 Revised
AIR1262 Aircraft, Fire Protection for Helicopter Gas Turbine Powerplant and Related Systems Installations May 01, 1989 Reaffirmed
AIR1289A Evaluation of Helicopter Turbine Engine Linear Vibration Environment Mar 01, 1992 Revised
AIR1296 Concurrent Design of Engines and Specifications of Starting Systems for Helicopters May 01, 1989 Reaffirmed
AIR1850A Twin Engine Helicopter Power Requirements Jun 01, 1997 Revised
AIR1963A Cockpit Information Required for Helicopter Turbine Engine Operation and Maintenance Jun 01, 1997 Revised
AIR4083A Helicopter Power Assurance Jun 01, 1997 Revised
AIR4096 Helicopter Engine Foreign Object Damage Nov 30, 1989 Issued
AIR4172 Helicopter Engine Mounting May 23, 1991 Issued
AIR4281 Oil Systems for Helicopter Powerplants Nov 01, 1998 Issued
AIR4416 Helicopter Turbine Engine Wash May 01, 1995 Issued
AIR4495 Helicopter Powerplant Corrosion Protection May 01, 1993 Issued
AIR47 Fretting Dec 01, 1956 Canceled
AIR5642 The Effect of Installation Power Losses on the Overall Performance of a Helicopter Jun 07, 2005 Issued
AIR883 A Method of Ground Resonance Testing for Helicopters Apr 01, 1965 Canceled
AIR947 Engine Erosion Protection (Helicopter) Feb 01, 1998 Reaffirmed
AIR984C Air Bleed Objective for Helicopter Turbine Engines May 01, 1997 Revised
ARP1217A Instrumentation Requirements for Turboshaft Engine Performance Measurements May 01, 1997 Revised
ARP1279 Standard Indoor Method of Collection and Presentation of the Bare Turboshaft Engine Noise Data, for Use in Helicopter Installations Jun 01, 1985 Noncurrent
ARP1352 Helicopter Mission Definition Dec 01, 1997 Reaffirmed
ARP1507A Helicopter Engine/Airframe Interface Document and Checklist Jun 01, 1997 Revised
ARP1702A Defining and Measuring Factors Affecting Helicopter Turbine Engine Power Available Sep 01, 1998 Revised
ARP4056 Engine Exhaust System Design Considerations for Rotorcraft Oct 01, 1989 Issued
ARP570A Designation of Direction of Rotation of Helicopter Rotors May 01, 1989 Reaffirmed
ARP704A Helicopter Engine - Rotor System Compatibility May 01, 1997 Revised
ARP721 Turbine Drive Shaft Connection May 01, 1989 Reaffirmed
ARP996A Cooling Data for Turbine Engines in Helicopters May 01, 1991 Reaffirmed
AS1516 Helicopter Fuel Economy Evaluation Feb 01, 1998 Reaffirmed