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AIR6110 - Contiguous Aircraft/System Development Process Example

Document Number: AIR6110
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Contiguous Aircraft/System Development Process Example
This AIR describes, in detail, a contiguous example of the aircraft and systems development for a fictitious aircraft design. In order to present a clear picture, an aircraft function was broken down into a single system. A function was chosen which had sufficient complexity to allow use of all the methodologies, yet was simple enough to present a clear picture of the flow through the process. This function/system was analyzed using the methods and tools described in the body of this ARP document. The interaction of the braking system functions with the aircraft are identified with the criticality identified based on implied aircraft interactions and system availabilities at the aircraft level. This example does not include validation and verification of the aircraft level hazards and interactions with the braking system. However, the principles used at the braking system level can be applied at the higher aircraft level (departing runway). The methodologies applied here are an example of one way to utilize the principles defined in ARP4754A. The basic ARP4754A document contains information which places the information in this appendix in context. This AIR should be used in conjunction with the main body and the other appendices of the ARP4754A. In addition, this example shows the interrelationships with ARP4761.
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