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ARP1834A - Fault/Failure Analysis for Digital Systems and Equipment

Document Number: ARP1834A
Revision Number: A
Fault/Failure Analysis for Digital Systems and Equipment
ARP 1834 provides general guidance for the selection, approach to, and performance of various kinds of F/FA of digital systems and equipment. Its prime objective is to present several industry- acceptable, cost-effective methods for identifying, analyzing, and documenting digital-equipment failure modes and their effects. The analysis techniques and considerations presented here are directed to digital-equipment hardware faults and failures exclusively.

ARP 1834 is not intended as an exhaustive treatment of the enormously complex process involved in the analytical failure evaluation of complete digital systems, nor as a universally applicable, definitive listing of the necessary and sufficient steps and actions for such evaluation.

ARP4761 provides updated methods and processes for use on civil aircraft safety assessment. When analyzing these types of systems, ARP4761 should be used in lieu of the ARP.

ARP1834 addresses the following areas of consideration in the preparation and performance of F/FA's for digital equipment: a. Possible Analysis approaches: Top-Down and/or Bottom-Up (Section 3); b. Fault/Failure Modes, as they affect equipment operation and performance (Section 4); c. Fault Monitoring Methodology; Reasons for, types of, and effectiveness (Section 5); and d. Analysis Methods: Preparation for, types of, effectiveness and coverage (Section 6)

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