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S-7 Flight Deck Handling Qualities Stds for Trans Aircraft

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR6237 Loss-of-Control Misaps in Scheduled Airline Service Richard Newman Dec 03, 2012
ARP4101/1A Seats and Restraint Systems for the Flight Deck Richard Newman May 22, 2013
ARP4101/2A Pilot Visibility From the Flight Deck Charles Albert Ellis Dec 21, 2007
ARP4101/3A Crew Rest Facilities Robert L. Ireland May 30, 2013
ARP4101/4B Flight Deck Environment Richard Newman May 22, 2013
ARP4101A Flight Deck Layout and Facilities Charles Albert Ellis Oct 22, 2009
ARP4102/14D Full-Format Printer Richard Newman May 22, 2013
ARP4102/1A On Board Weight and Balance System Lee Nguyen Apr 08, 2009
ARP4102/4A Flight Deck Alerting System (FAS) Richard Newman Aug 30, 2011
ARP4102/7_APXD Appendix C Electronic Display Symbology for Engine Displays Charles Albert Ellis Dec 21, 2007
ARP4102/8B Flight Deck Head-Up Displays Robert D. Moreau Apr 30, 2009
ARP4104/1A Flight Envelope Awareness/Protection Brian P. Lee Aug 23, 2011
ARP4104A Design Objectives for Handling Qualities of Transport Aircraft Brian P. Lee Aug 23, 2011
ARP5366A Autopilot, Flight Director, and Autothrust Systems Lee Nguyen Jun 05, 2008
ARP6024 Flight Deck Based Merging and Spacing (FDMS) Richard F. Shay Feb 18, 2009
ARP6032 Synthetic and Enhanced Vision Systems Richard F. Shay Jan 29, 2009
ARP6149 Mitigation for Loss-of-Control Accidents in Transport Airplanes Richard Newman Aug 12, 2010
ARP6238 Display Latency Evaluation Procedures Brian P. Lee Dec 03, 2012
AS8044A Takeoff Performance Monitor (TOPM) System, Airplane, Minimum Performance Standard For Stephen Stowe Sep 02, 2007