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S-9 Cabin Safety Provisions Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR5690A Considerations for the Carriage and Use of Visual Distress Signals in Airline Overwater Survival Kits Alexandra Douglas Apr 10, 2013
ARP1384E Passenger Safety Briefing Materials Ronda Ruderman May 07, 2013
ARP4072A Safety Considerations of Carry-On Baggage Relating to the Emergency Evacuation of Transport Category Aircraft Christopher Dann Apr 30, 2014
ARP4712A Hand-Held Cabin Fire Extinguishers Transport Aircraft Robert Lenaburg May 29, 2002
ARP4740A Safety Considerations - Smoking in Lavatories of Transport Aircraft Bruce Delsing Aug 19, 2015
ARP5650 Recommended Service Interval for Inflatable Life Preservers Gustavo H. Fanjul Nov 23, 2004
ARP577E Emergency Placarding - Internal and External Holger Warner May 01, 2009
ARP583J Flight Attendant Stations Christopher Dann Apr 30, 2014
ARP6201 Evaluation and Approval of Cabin Simulator Devices Colette Hilliary May 25, 2011
ARP6239 Demonstration Emergency Equipment Alexandra Douglas Dec 06, 2012
ARP6331 Emergency Medical Kits Cynthia Lynn Corbett Jun 09, 2014
ARP6503 Cabin Crew Rest Facilities Holger Warner Apr 03, 2014
AS1354 Individual Inflatable Life Preservers Gustavo H. Fanjul Aug 11, 2004
AS4492A Survivor Locator Lights Ken Wagner Apr 16, 2010
AS5134B Aviation Distress Signal Gary Leegate Oct 25, 2013
AS5671A Design and Performance Criteria: Interior Passenger Stairways on Transport Category Airplanes Cynthia Lynn Corbett Oct 23, 2014
AS6272 Automatic Fire Extinguisher for Trash Receptacles G. A. McLean Sep 14, 2011
AS8057A Minimum Design and Performance of Airplane Galley Insert Equipment, Electrical/Pressurized Sascha Hoeger Apr 11, 2014