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EIASTD656B - I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) Version 4.2

Document Number: EIASTD656B
Revision Number: B
I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) Version 4.2
In order to enable an industry standard method to electronically transport IBIS modeling data between semiconductor vendors, EDA tool vendors, and end customers, this template is proposed. The intention of this template is to specify a consistent format that can be parsed by software, allowing EDA tool vendors to derive models compatible with their own products.

One goal of this template is to represent the current state of IBIS data, while allowing a growth path to more complex models / methods (when deemed appropriate). This would be accomplished by a revision of the base template, and possibly the addition of new keywords or categories.

Another goal of this template is to ensure that it is simple enough for semiconductor vendors and customers to use and modify, while ensuring that it is rigid enough for EDA tool vendors to write reliable parsers.

Finally, this template is meant to contain a complete description of the I/O elements on an entire component. Consequently, several models will need to be defined in each file, as well as a table that equates the appropriate buffer to the correct pin and signal name.

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