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J2708_200208 - Agricultural Tractor Test Code (OECD)

Document Number: J2708_200208
Revision Number:
Agricultural Tractor Test Code (OECD)
The purpose of this SAE standard is to define test conditions, describe tests to be made, specify data to be obtained, show formulas and calculations, define terms, and establish a uniform method of reporting so that performance data obtained on various makes and models of tractors, tested in accordance with this document, will be comparable regardless of where the tests are made. Because of the availability of many tractor models and types that can be equipped with a variety of special or optional equipment, the scope of this standard must be limited to obtaining and reporting only the most significant of widely used performance data. Test performed to either the Standard Code as outline in Section 4 or the Restricted Coed as outlined in Section 5 will satisfy requirements of this Agricultural Tractor Test Code. This document is technically equivalent to the OECD Tractor Test Code C(87)53, Annex I and Annex II. It is intended as a guide to development and pre-testing of tractors prior to official OECD testing. It is not, however, a replacement for the official codes used by OECD test stations, and any questions or conflicts concerning official OECD testing should be resolved by consulting the official OECD codes of the OECD Coordinating Center in Paris.Coordinating Center in Paris.
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