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J226_201112 - Engine Preheaters

Document Number: J226_201112
Revision Number:
Engine Preheaters
This SAE Standard describes electric immersion engine preheaters for use in the coolant jacket of heavy-duty and intermediate size diesel engines. This document gives the dimensional information of the four basic styles of engine preheaters. The tables for each style will list the wattage commonly used.

Small engines that typically require less than 600 W of preheat for cold weather starter are not covered by this document. These types of engines generally have very little space available to accommodate an immersion heater of the styles presented in this document.

The purpose of this document is to establish commonality of engine preheater designs. The user of this document can use these current styles and wattages early on in their designing. This will give the user of this document a good engine preheater design.

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