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CTTC C1, Hydraulic Systems

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1117_198603 Method of Measuring and Reporting the Pressure Differential-Flow Characteristics of a Hydraulic Fluid Power Valve Mar 01, 1986 Reaffirmed
J1165_201205 Reporting Cleanliness Levels of Hydraulic Fluids May 29, 2012 Canceled
J1176_201206 External Leakage Classifications for Hydraulic Systems Jun 01, 2012 Stabilized
J1227_201302 Assessing Cleanliness of Hydraulic Fluid Power Components and Systems Feb 11, 2013 Revised
J1235_198603 Measuring and Reporting the Internal Leakage of a Hydraulic Fluid Power Valve Reaffirmed
J1276_201401 Standardized Fluid for Hydraulic Component Tests Jan 22, 2014 Revised
J1277_201210 Method for Assessing the Cleanliness Level of New Hydraulic Fluid Oct 02, 2012 Revised
J1333_201503 Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Corrosion Test Mar 05, 2015 Revised
J1334_200310 Hydraulic Cylinder Integrity Test Oct 13, 2003 Revised
J1335_200904 Hydraulic Cylinder No-Load Friction Test Apr 09, 2009 Reaffirmed
J1336_201409 Hydraulic Cylinder Leakage Test Sep 29, 2014 Revised
J1374_201409 Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Seal Endurance Test Procedure Sep 29, 2014 Revised
J1447_201408 Fire-Resistant Fluid Usage in Hydraulic Systems of Off-Road Work Machines Aug 05, 2014 Canceled
J214_200306 Hydraulic Cylinder Test Procedure Jun 18, 2003 Canceled
J744_201302 Hydraulic Pump and Motor Mounting and Drive Dimensions Feb 04, 2013 Revised
J745_200906 Hydraulic Power Pump Test Procedure Jun 12, 2009 Revised
J746_200906 Hydraulic Motor Test Procedures Jun 12, 2009 Revised
J747_199005 Control Valve Test Procedure May 01, 1990 Revised
J748_201410 Hydraulic Directional Control Valves, 3000 PSI Maximum Oct 24, 2014 Revised
J931_201208 Hydraulic Fluid Power Circuit Filtration - Application & Methods Aug 20, 2012 Revised