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J185_200305 - Access Systems for Off-Road Machines

Document Number: J185_200305
Revision Number:
Access Systems for Off-Road Machines
Minimum criteria are provided for steps, stairways, ladders, walkways, platforms, handrails, handholds, guardrails, and entrance openings which permit ingress to and egress from operator, inspection, maintenance or service platforms on off-road work machines parked in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. This SAE Recommended Practice pertains to off-road self-propelled work machines used in construction, general purpose industrial, agricultural (agricultural tractors only), forestry and specialized mining machinery categories as defined in SAE J1116 JUN86. It also pertains to specialized off-road machines used in mining such as shovels, draglines, and drills not identified in SAE J1116 JUN86. The minimum criteria established herein is based on one unladen person using the access system at any one time.
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