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J1225_198701 - Development of a Frequency Weighted Portable Ride Meter

Document Number: J1225_198701
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Development of a Frequency Weighted Portable Ride Meter
The purpose of this report is to record the activities and recommendations of the Ride Meter Task Force assigned by the chairman of the SAE Joint Seating Subcommittee to determine availability of instrumentation to measure operator ride on mobile equipment. The desired characteristics of the meter included relatively low cost, easy to operate, highly portable, and sufficiently rugged to withstand the vibration levels encountered on agricultural or construction machines. It is recognized that a ride meter type instrument with a single numerical output provides only approximate indication of ride vibration quality, but is useful for general field evaluation or overall ride comparisons. A narrow band analysis of the vibration frequency spectrum is recommended for more accurate and complete results. The task force was assigned responsibility for the following activities: 1. formulate a recommendation for an acceptable ride meter including features, functional performance, and design specifications. 2. Conduct a survey to determine if there is a commercially available ride meter conforming to the recommendation. 3. If an acceptable ride meter is not commercially available, work with an electronics supplier to initiate a design and build a working prototype of a meter conforming to the recommendation.
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