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MTC1, Loaders, Crawlers, Scrapers and Mounted Attachments

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1016_200006 Component Nomenclature--Dumpers Jun 28, 2000 Canceled
J1017_201110 Nomenclature - Rollers and Compactors Oct 27, 2011 Canceled
J1057_199905 Identification Terminology of Earthmoving Machines May 01, 1999 Canceled
J1197_201110 Rated Operating Load for Loaders Equipped with Log or Material Forks Without Vertical Mast Oct 27, 2011 Stabilized
J1233_201110 Commercial Literature Specifications--Off-Road Work Machines Oct 25, 2011 Stabilized
J1234_200305 Specification Definitions--Off-Road Work Machines May 08, 2003 Canceled
J1265_200305 Capacity Rating--Dozer Blades May 08, 2003 Canceled
J1295_200305 Identification Terminology and Specification Definitions--Pipelayers and Side Booms, Tractor or Loader Mounted May 08, 2003 Canceled
J1303_201110 Cutting Edge - Cross Sections Loader Straight Oct 25, 2011 Stabilized
J1304_201110 Cutting Edge - Cross Sections Loader Straight with Bolt Holes Oct 25, 2011 Stabilized
J1360_201308 Product Identification Numbering System of Off-Road Work Machines Aug 21, 2013 Revised
J1363_200305 Capacity Rating--Dumper Body and Trailer Body May 08, 2003 Canceled
J1464_200410 Identification Terminology of Loaders/Tractors with Forks and Rough Terrain Forklifts Oct 18, 2004 Canceled
J1580_201110 Metric Countersunk Holes for Cutting Edges and End Bits Oct 27, 2011 Stabilized
J1581_201110 Cutting Edge - Optional Cross-Sections and Dimensions Loader Straight Oct 25, 2011 Stabilized
J2513_200805 Earthmoving Machinery-Coupling of Attachments to Skid Steer Loaders May 01, 2008 Canceled
J326_201211 Nomenclature - Hydraulic Backhoes Nov 01, 2012 Revised
J49_201207 Specification Definitions - Hydraulic Backhoes Jul 16, 2012 Revised
J63_199806 Hole Placement on Dozer End Bits May 01, 1998 Canceled
J727_200202 Nomenclature--Crawler Tractor Feb 21, 2002 Canceled
J728_200006 Component Nomenclature--Scrapers Jun 28, 2000 Canceled
J729_200202 Nomenclature and Specification Definitions--Dozers Feb 21, 2002 Canceled
J731_200708 Component Nomenclature--Loader Aug 30, 2007 Canceled
J732_201206 Specification Definitions - Loaders Jun 28, 2012 Canceled
J733_200202 Nomenclature--Rippers and Scarifiers Feb 21, 2002 Canceled
J734_200006 Component Nomenclature--Dumper Trailer Jun 28, 2000 Canceled
J737_200708 Hole Spacing for Scraper and Dozer Cutting Edges Aug 30, 2007 Canceled
J738_201401 Cutting Edge - Double Bevel Cross Sections Jan 08, 2014 Revised
J739_200708 Cutting Edge-Curved Grader Aug 30, 2007 Canceled
J740_201110 Countersunk Square Holes for Cutting Edges and End Bits Oct 25, 2011 Stabilized
J741_200305 Capacity Rating--Scraper, Open Bowl May 08, 2003 Canceled
J742_200002 Capacity Rating--Loader Bucket Feb 07, 2000 Canceled
J743_201112 Lift Capacity Calculation and Test Procedure-Pipelayer and Sideboom Dec 08, 2011 Canceled
J749_200202 Drawbars--Crawler Tractor Feb 21, 2002 Canceled
J764_201110 Loading Ability Test Procedure - Scrapers Oct 27, 2011 Stabilized
J818_201301 Rated Operating Load for Loaders Jan 02, 2013 Canceled
J869_200006 Component Nomenclature--Construction Two- and Four-Wheel Tractors Jun 28, 2000 Canceled
J870_200006 Component Nomenclature Graders Jun 28, 2000 Canceled
J872_200305 Drawbar Test Procedure for Construction, Forestry, and Industrial Machines May 08, 2003 Canceled
J873_201110 Drag Force Test Procedure for Construction, Forestry, and Industrial Machines Oct 27, 2011 Stabilized
J897_200305 Machine Slope Operation Test Code May 12, 2003 Canceled
J957_200305 Capacity Rating--Elevating Scrapers May 12, 2003 Canceled